Poster Presentations for 2020

To be added as poster submissions are accepted. Posters selected for oral presentation will be marked with *.

*  Erik Grandemange et al.  Field evaluation of the efficacy of intramuscular injections of penethamate (Permacyl®) for the treatment of clinical mastis in lactating dairy cows in association or not with an intra-mammary suspension of cefalexin+kanamycin (Ubrolexin®).

*  Huw McConochie & Alturo Gomez.  High somatic cell counts are not always a consequence of intramammary infections.

Katharine Leach et al.  Udder health parameters from UK sentinel herds for 2019.

James Breen et al.  UK dairy farmers’ enthusiasm for the QuarterPro udder health initiative.

*  Doug Reinemann and C O Paulrud.  Dynamic vacuum control strategies and review of ISO guidelines for milking vacuum.

*  Georgios Oikonomou et al.  Applying internal teat sealants at drying off; does full versus partial insertion of the tube cannula matter?

Andrew Bradley et al.  Antimicrobial sensitivity of UK isolates of key mastitis pathogens.

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